Company Profile

Group Company

Group businesses in Japan are designed to strengthen our links with our department stores and increase our brand value.By collecting and utilizing the expertise and strengths of each group company, we can increase our overall strength, and respond to the diverse needs of our customers.

Shopping Center Development and Management

Toshin Development Co., Ltd.

The development of Japan's first ever full-scale suburban shopping centers. We currently involved in the development and management of S.C.s both at home and abroad, including the Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C., the Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall, the Nagareyama Otaka-no-Mori S.C., and the Singapore Takashimaya S.C. We were also involved in the large-scale, multi-purpose Saigon Centre that opened in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in July 2016, and are forging ahead with development based on the viewpoint of town planning.

  • Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall
  • Nagareyama Otakanomori SC
  • Tamagawa Takashimaya SC
  • Singapore Takashimaya SC
  • Vietnam Saigon Centre

Design and interior decoration

Takashimaya Space Create Co., Ltd.

These produce quality spaces for retail or cultural facilities, from planning to design and construction.

  • Mikimoto Ginza 2-Chome Flagship
    Store Dingtaifeng
    (Interior Renovations)
  • Hilton Osaka (Interior Renovations)
    Photograph provided by Hilton Osaka

Takashimaya Reform

We are now involved in home reform services for independent customers. We cater to the wishes for homemade elements from customers who demand authenticity.

Credit cards

Takashimaya Credit Co., Ltd.

Issues the Takashimaya Card, with its attractive bonuses, which can be used safely and easily in all aspects of your lifestyle.

Dining and restaurants

R.T. Corporation

Operates a number of restaurant and café businesses, including Dingtaifeng and the Sweet Dynasty, as well as prepared meals for company or school cafeterias.


Liquor sales (wholesale & retail)

Good Live Co., Ltd.

The wine "Leroy" and Champagne "Thienot" etc.We handle a range of wholesale and store operations related to liquor, from direct import of luxury Western liquor to sake.


Advertising and publicity

A.T.A. Co., Ltd.

A general advertising agency involved in ad planning and creation, marketing, events, sales promotions, and so on.


Takashimaya Tomonokai Co., Ltd

Issues the Tomonokai Shopping Card, which gives a bonus month's worth of shopping points for every year's worth collected past a certain monthly amount.

Insurance agency

Takashimaya Hoken Co., Ltd.

Provides an insurance agency to protect our customers’ lifestyles through consultations and contracts related to life insurance and property insurance.

Retail / tenant mixed leasing

Fashion Plaza Sun Roser Co., Ltd.

Operates cosmetics and daily goods specialist stores, and develops and operates retail facilities in station buildings and hotels.

Million Doors

Personnel services and solutions

Century & Co., Ltd.

A comprehensive personnel service company based around the retail and customer service areas. It carries out a range of businesses, including dispatching personnel, outsourcing, and training.

Sewing, processing, event operation and planning

TAPP Co., Ltd.

Provides alteration services for men’s and women’s clothing, as well as event planning and operation for department stores and other areas.

Building and equipment management, logistics management

Takashimaya Service Co., Ltd.

Carries out building maintenance, logistics management, and other functions based on a quality policy of Trust, Comfort, and Safety, proving a complete package of reliable service and technology.

Airport-style Duty-free Shop

A&S Takashimaya Duty Free Co., Ltd.

Other company businesses

Select Square Co., Ltd.
Dear Mayuko CO., Ltd.
Tamagawa Insurance Co., Ltd.