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Maximizing Community and Store Appeal
via our Machi-dukuri Strategy

The Takashimaya Group is promoting its Machi-dukuri strategy by applying the knowledge and experience of Toshin Development, which is involved in co-creation with the community and real estate development with a focus on department stores, toward maximizing community and store appeal. In fiscal 2015, the consolidated Group achieved increased revenue and income.

This year in April, Shinjuku Station South Gate foundation development project was completed. With the opening of a public transportation terminal, Miraina Tower, and commercial facilities, as well as the reconstruction of multiple large-scale office buildings, visitors to the area are expected to increase by nearly 50,000 people. We view the area as one with significant future potential.

Takashimaya Times Square saw the remodeling of the grocery floor and restaurant zone as we sought to increase the appeal of the entire building to mark the store's 20th anniversary. The opening of an airport-style duty-free shop based on a joint venture between Takashimaya, ANA Trading, and Hotel Shilla is being planned for spring 2017. Through this business, we will increase our share of consumer demand among inbound passengers.

Inbound sales were approximate 30 billion yen in fiscal 2015, nearly double the previous year. In fiscal 2016, we will aim for 35 billion yen. We are working to improve our shopping environment, including by conducting PR for our shops in partnership with C-Trip, an online travel company, to capture Chinese travelers, who mainly use its online travel services, and by allowing payments via Alipay.

To strengthen specialized merchandise, we are promoting strategies with a focus on the keywords "high quality," "popularity," and "profit point of view." The unique shops Style & Edit and CS Case Study celebrated their 10th and 15 anniversaries, respectively.

As part of our omni-channel strategy, we are expanding internet sales by further increasing convenience. At small and medium-sized shops, we are using networked inventory management to offer order-based sales, which leads to a reduction in lost sales opportunities.

As for our Group businesses, Toshin Development will continue to fulfill its role as the core company in charge of the promotion of our Machi-dukuri strategy along with our department store business. At the same time, Toshin Development will work closely with department stores toward the domestic and international promotion of our SC business. Takashimaya Credit and other financing businesses are growing into a new core source of Group revenue. Our Contract & Design business, Takashimaya Space Create also is increasing outside revenues thanks to a favorable construction market environment.

Among our overseas businesses, this summer we will open Takashimaya Ho Chi Minh City in the Saigon Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We will utilize the management resource of Takashimaya Singapore Ltd. and apply the collective strengths of Toshin Development and all other Group companies toward expanding all aspects of our department store business, real estate business, and commercial facility management business in order to achieve the rapid transition to profitability.

Lastly, we will reinforce compliance with a focus on consumer protection as well as further strengthen our corporate governance as we aim for sustainable growth and continuous improvement to our corporate value. We ask for the continued support and patronage of our shareholders.

May 2016
Shigeru Kimoto, President